I am strong


Strong enough to save my tears

For when your eyes are turned


I am brave


Brave enough to hold my head high

Against fear, doubt, and rejection


I am resilient


Resilient enough to return in mercy

To those who have wronged and shamed me


I am secure


Secure enough to admit my own mistakes

And work to amend their repercussions


But just because I am strong

Doesn’t mean I don’t yearn

For the aid of a friend


Just because I am brave

Doesn’t mean I don’t wish

Someone would walk beside me


Just because I am resilient

Doesn’t mean I don’t ever need

Someone to help me back up


Just because I am secure

Doesn’t mean I don’t long for

Your reassurance when I feel weak


Because I can do it on my own

But that does not mean

I sometimes shouldn’t
Have to

The Withering Spring



They have tried to tell me

What I am to do

Who I am to be

To this world


They ask of me

To do what no one else

Knows how to do


Because of

My name


After cold has cut

The hope of buds and bulbs

After wind has shaken

Trees naked and left them

Blackened from the frost


After snow has smothered

Every blade of grass

And sent the creatures

Of the wood into a sleep

Which consumes nearly half

Their lives


They call upon me


I am to melt the cold and frost

I am to raise the dead

And nourish the forest

And save the soil

From the bitterness of Winter


But what if I feel weak?
What if I no longer can stir

Warmth back into the wind?

What if my breath is not strong enough

To blow away the clouds from the sun?


What if I wither?

Then who can they call upon?
Who if not I

Can ease away the ice and snow?

The Summer is too harsh

Too sudden

For the gentle

Sowing of my Spring


The Fall is too weary

Too burdened

For the heavy

Raising of life out the earth


The Winter is too stubborn

Too relentless

For the mercy

Of letting go


And if the Summer won’t soften

And the Fall won’t liven

And the Winter won’t give in


Then I

The withering Spring

Must begin



It’s not real


You say it to yourself

With your hands clutched

Around your covers

Your muscles tingle

Your heart feels loud


It’s not real


You close your eyes

But you memories

Just pull you back into

That nightmare

And even though you know

It couldn’t happen

It feels just like it did


It’s not real


You say it until you calm

Until you can shut your eyes

Without seeing whatever

Scared you the most

Until your brain stops signaling

You to panic


It’s not real


Remind yourself again

Because now you are awake

And you are in the world

Not in your bend

And you feel like you’re

Tipping backwards in a chair


It’s not real


Stop trying to figure out

What’s wrong or why you’re scared

Nothing happened today

Is big enough to feel this afraid


It’s not real


Keep saying it

Anxiety is just a nightmare

Your brain is signaling danger

But there is nothing there

So say it like your alone

White-knuckled under covers

And ground yourself


In something real




Lean on me

And I will not fall

Cut me down

And I will continue to grow

Dig me out

And I will make a home

Out of whatever ground

I can find


And I will never ask

To lean on you

Or try to cut

You back

Because I know

You couldn’t bear

The weight


Nor could you

Remember how to live

After damage

Because the only way

You feel secure

Is by making yourself believe

Your blood is more precious

Than mine

Dragon Rider


Solar power fuels my soul

Light’s the greatest treasure

My hands can hold

Ultraviolent is in my veins

Kindled beneath my flesh

As I grip the reigns

I am the sun

I ride on fire

Nothing can taint me

My flight is higher

I feast on failure

And spit victory

Blazing breath

So you don’t touch me

I capture the starlight

And eclipse the moon

Comets are jealous

Of the valor I’ve strewn

Dragon blood is in my heart

Beating out gold

I am made of art



It was a dream

That sparkled in my mind

And melted like a frost


Like a coin drifting

Through salt in the sea

Soon to be blanketed

By seaweed on the reef

I could never hold my breath

Long enough to reach

I’ll never see through

The darkness of the deep


Shadows overwhelm me

The glimmer is gone

I cannot reclaim artifacts

From history

Leave it be

Let the dream

Be a dream




If love is such a sickness

I hope you catch it

With me

I hope it’s so contagious

That it hits you

Like a sneeze

I hope it’s stirring up

Your senses

Every time we speak

I hope the locking of

Our eyes

Makes your muscles weak

If love is such a sickness

Let’s call out for a day

Curl up

Side by side

Until the weakness

Goes away